Master of Science (Zoology and Ecology)

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  1. CHOOSE SUBJECTS. Use the tables below to choose your subjects. You can also download a planner to make the planning process easier. Note: Core subjects will already be on your study plan in eStudent.

  2. CHECK TIMETABLE. Check subject timetables to ensure you don't have lecture clashes.

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Core and option subjects

Group A: Complete four core subjects

Group B: Select 9 credit points of option subjects

Group C: Select 15 credit points of level 5 subjects

Group A – Complete FOUR core subjects

BZ5001:03 Quantitative Methods in Science

BZ5225:03 Field Ecology

BZ5230:03 Ecological Research Methods


BZ5215:03 Conservation Biology

SC5055:03 Research Communication Skills in Natural Sciences

Group B - Select 9 credit points of option subjects from the specified list

BZ5215:03 Conservation Biology

BZ5230:03 Ecological Research Methods

BZ5480:03 Restoration Ecology

BZ5450:03 Ecological and Conservation Genetics

BZ5520:03 Agroecology

BZ5620:03 Tropical Flora of Australia

BZ5725:03 Herpetology

BZ5745:03 Tropical Entomology

BZ5755:03 Biodiversity and Climate Change Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation

BZ5808:03 Adapting to Environmental Challenges

BZ5820:03 Evolutionary Biology

BZ5880:03 Ecology: Distribution, Abundance and Diversity

EV5002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment

EV5505:03 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

Group C - Select 15 credit points of option subjects using subject search

Select 15 credit points of any BZ, EV or MB level 5 subjects