Master of Science (Environmental Earth Science)


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  1. CHOOSE SUBJECTS. Use the tables below to choose your subjects. You can also download a planner to make the planning process easier. Note: Core subjects will already be on your study plan in eStudent.

  2. CHECK TIMETABLE. Check subject timetables to ensure you don't have lecture clashes.

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CORE SUBJECTS – are already on your study plan

EA5016:03 Hydrology

EA5017:03 Applied Soil Science

EA5026:06 Special Studies

EA5046:03 Earth and Environmental Geochemistry

EA5090:03 Advanced Hydrology

EA5404:03 From Icehouse to Greenhouse

EV5505:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems


Select 12cp of specified level 5 subjects from the following list:

EA5018:03 Field Studies in Tropical Water and Soil Science

EA5320:03 Earth Resources, Exploration and Environment

EA5330:03 Field Techniques

EA5340:03 Disturbed Site Repair

EV5110:03 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

EV5002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment

EV5401:03 Coastal Catchment Geomorphology

EV5404:03 Field Studies in Tropical Geography

EV5406:03 Coral Reef Geomorphology

EV5502:03 Advanced Geographic Information Systems