Graduate Certificate of Science (Aquaculture, Science and Technology) - Distance Education

Study Plan

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  1. CHOOSE SUBJECTS. Use the tables below to choose your subjects. You can also download a planner to make the planning process easier. Note: Core subjects will already be on your study plan in eStudent.

  2. CHECK TIMETABLE. Check subject timetables to ensure you don't have lecture clashes.

  3. ENROL IN SUBJECTS. After you have chosen your subjects, right click and open eStudent in new tab to start enrolling.


    Subject Code

    CORE – Already on plan

    AQ5806:03 Aquaculture: Introductory Principles and Practices

    CORE – Already on plan

    AQ5809:03 Aquaculture in the Tropics


    Select 6 credit points of specified level 5 subjects

    AQ5016:03 Aquaculture in Practice

    AQ5802:03 Aquaculture: Nutrition and Feeding Practices

    AQ5815:03 Sustainable Aquaculture Principles and Practices