Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science and Geography / Zoology and Ecology) Level 3 Options

You must choose 12 credit points (4 subjects) from:

Environmental Science and Geography: Select 6 credit points from the list below

Specified level 2 subjects

Study period / Location

EA3007 Field Studies in Tropical Water and Soil Science

SP6 Cairns

EV3020 Human Dimensions of Nature, Environment and Conservation

SP1 Townsville

EV3601 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management

SP3 Townsville

EV3010 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment

SP7 Cairns

EV3014 Managing Tropical Fisheries

SP11 Townsville

Zoology and Ecology: Select 6 credit points from the list below

Specified level 3 subjects

Study period / Location

BZ3215 Conservation Biology

SP1 Townsville and Cairns

BZ3615 Plant Survival in a Land of fire, Flood and Drought

Pre-requisite: any level 2 or above BZ, EV or EA subject, or equivalent

SP1 Townsville and Cairns

BZ3061 Behavioural Ecology

Pre-requisite: 6cp of level 2 BZ

SP2 Townsville

BZ3450 Ecological and Conservation Genetics

Pre-requisite: BZ2420 or BC2023 or BC2013

SP2 Townsville

BZ3001 Field Studies in the Equatorial Tropics: Borneo (Block)

(offered in odd-numbered years)

SP10 Townsville