Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (beginning of the year) Bachelor of Science (Zoology) Level 2 Popular Subjects

Bachelor of Science (Zoology)Level 2 Popular Subjects

The list below contains subjects that are a popular choice for your major

Location / Study Period

BZ2420 Ecological Genetics

Pre-requisite: (BZ1001 or BZ1005) and (CH1011 or CH1001 or BM1000)

SP1 Townsville

BZ2450 Biodiversity of Tropical Australia

Pre-requisite: None

SP1 Townsville and Cairns

BZ2008 Adaptation to Environmental Change

Pre-requisite: BZ1007 or BZ1006 or BZ1004 or ZL1001 or AG1004

SP2 Townsville

BZ2440 Ecology and Conservation

Pre-requisite: BZ1007 or (6cp of level 1 or 2 BZ or EV subjects)

SP2 Townsville

MB2060 Marine Ecology and Environmental Assessment

Pre-requisite: BS2001 or BZ2001 or AG2001 or MA1401

SP2 Townsville