Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (beginning of the year) Bachelor of Marine Science Level 2 Your Options

Bachelor of Marine Science Level 2 Your Options

You must select:

Group A: x 2 subject

Group B: x 3 subjects

Group A - Select two subjects

Location / Study Period

CH2042:03 Marine Chemistry and Chemical Ecology

Assumed knowledge: CH1002 or CH1012 recommended in addition to CH1001 or CH1011

Pre-requisite: CH1001 or CH1011

SP1 Townsville

EA2110:03 Introduction to Sedimentology

Pre-requisite: EA1110 plus at least 9cp of level 1 AN, AR, BZ, EV, MA, MB, PH, SC subjects including BU1004 or BU1104

SP2 Townsville

MB2050:03 Functional Biology of Marine Organisms

Pre-requisite: ZL1001 or BZ1004 or AG1004 or BZ1007

SP1 Townsville

MB2060:03 Marine Ecology and Environmental Assessment

Pre-requisite: BS2001 or BZ2001 or AG2001 or MA1401 and allow concurrent for BZ2001

SP2 Townsville

Group B – Select three subjects

Select 9 credit points of Science level 2 subjects

Choose from subjects with the prefix: AQ, BC, BZ, CH, EA, EV, MA, MB, MI, PH and LA2902