Course Enrolment Planners Undergraduate (beginning of the year) Environmental Management (Advanced) Level 3 Options 2015

Environmental Management (Advanced) Level 3 Options

You must select:

Group A: x 2 subjects

Group B: x 2 subjects

Group A – Specified level 2 subjects – select one subjects from BSA-ENM-2013 in eStudent:

Teaching Period 1

Teaching Period 2

EV5001 Environmental and Regional Planning


EV5002 Environmental Impact Assessment

(Townsville and Cairns)

EV5252 Indigenous Environmental Management


EV5200 Terrestrial Resource Management


EV5454 Natural Hazards

(Cairns – odd years only)

EV5606 Disasters: Vulnerability, Mitigation and Planning


Group B - Select two subjects from SCIENCE-L123-6U using Subject Search.

Some Option lines can vary from a small list of specified subjects to a long list of possible subjects from which you can choose. You are encouraged to choose subjects that are of interest to you or support your career aspirations.