Course Enrolment Planners

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management and Marine Biology) Level 3 Elective under major

Select 3 credit points from the list below for the Environmental Management major:

Specified level 2 subjects

EA3007 Field Studies in Tropical Water and Soil Science

EV3020 Human Dimensions of Nature, Environment and Conservation

EV3601 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management

EV3010 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment

EV3014 Managing Tropical Fisheries

Select 6 credit points from the list below for the Marine Biology major:

Specified level 3 subjects

MB3050 Biological Oceanography

MB3160 Evolution and Ecology of Reef Fishes

MB3210 Life History and Evolution of Reef Corals

MB3270 Wetland and Estuarine Ecosystems