Course Enrolment Planners

Level 2 Popular Subjects – Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology)

The list below contains subjects that are a popular choice for your major

MB2070 Evolution and Biogeography of Marine Organisms (SP1 Townsville)

AQ2001 Introduction to Aquaculture (SP1 Townsville)

CH2042 Marine Chemistry and Chemical Ecology (SP1 Townsville)

BZ2420 Ecological Genetics (SP1 Townsville)

BZ2705 Australian Vertebrate Fauna (SP1 Townsville)

MB2080 Invertebrate Biology (SP2 Townsville and Cairns)

BZ2440 Ecology and Conservation (SP2 Townsville)

BZ2008 Adaptation to Environmental Change (SP2 Townsville)

AQ2002 Aquaculture of Tropical Species (SP2 Townsville)

PH2006 Descriptive Physical Oceanography (SP2 Townsville)

EA2404 From Icehouse to Greenhouse (SP2 Townsville and Cairns)

EV2502 Introduction to Geographic Information (SP2 Townsville and Cairns)