Course Enrolment Planners

Your Options – level 3

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management and Zoology)

Make sure you check the subject availabilities carefully as some subjects are only offered at specific campuses or have different modes of offering.

Select 3 credit points from the list below for the Environmental Management major:

Specified level 2 subjects

EA3007 Field Studies in Tropical Water and Soil Science (SP6 Cairns)

EV3020 Human Dimensions of Nature, Environment and Conservation (SP1 Townsville)

EV3601 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management (SP3 Townsville)

EV3010 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment (SP7 Cairns)

EV3014 Managing Tropical Fisheries (SP11 Townsville)


Select 6 credit points from the list below for the Zoology major:

Specified level 3 subjects

BZ3215 Conservation Biology (SP1 Townsville and Cairns)

BZ3001 Field Studies in the Equatorial Tropics: Borneo (SP10 Block Townsville)

(offered in odd-numbered years)

BZ3450 Ecological and Conservation Genetics (SP2 Townsville)

BZ3725 Herpetology (SP10 Block Townsville)

(offered in even-numbered years)

BZ3730 Ornithology (SP7 Block Townsville)

(offered in odd-numbered years)