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Why study Clinical Sciences (Honours) at JCU?

Clinical Science is a career option where you can really make a difference.

When you choose this JCU Honours degree, because of the generalist clinical training of the course, you'll build a broader knowledge across a wider range of skills than you would studying similar courses at other universities. So along with the high-level scientific skills required by urban clinics, you'll also have the broad capabilities needed to provide services for rural and remote communities.

Unlike the fascinating though strictly scientific JCU Biomedical Sciences and Medical Laboratory Sciences degrees, this Clinical Sciences (Honours) degree is perfect if you enjoy scientific enquiry, and also love to work directly with patients.

When you graduate with this Honours professional degree, you'll be ready, if you wish, to continue on to Masters studies.

Start dates
4 years full-time
Part time available
Study mode
On campus
English, Maths B, Chemistry

Career opportunities

Along with careers in urban laboratories in public and private hospitals and clinic settings, there is huge demand in rural and regional areas for the flexible scientific services you'll be able to provide when you graduate with JCU's unique Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Honours) degree.

This JCU course prepares you for a fulfilling career as part of a healthcare team. It's a career option where you'll be at the forefront of rapidly advancing scientific discoveries, so your job will constantly grow and diversify. You'll be able to provide clinical measurement services such as ECGs and Holter analysis, Cardiac Stress Testing, Respiratory Function testing and Sleep Analysis.

Clinical Sciences is a course that will give you opportunities and encouragement to learn to be innovative in the way healthcare is provided. With the unique range of knowledge you will learn from this JCU course, you'll gain broader skills that could even equip you to start your own business. Just think! You could travel to communities to provide doctors with the broad range of services they really need and value, in order to care for patients. You can make a difference.

Course highlights

As a JCU Clinical Sciences (Honours) student, you'll gain the skills and knowledge required to provide the scientific evidence required by health professionals like General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and more, so they can make informed decisions. Your expertise will be valued.

Of course, you'll study in cutting-edge JCU custom laboratories, and you'll be educated and supported by world-class educators. You'll be offered opportunities to gain practical experience working with patients in public hospitals, and you'll also gain private laboratory experience, build professional networks and hear expert industry speakers.

Flexible Entry. JCU offers flexible entry into this sought-after degree. So if you hold level 1-3 in the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, or you have relevant experience in medical technology, you're welcome to apply. JCU will make every effort to accommodate you in the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Honours).

Course overview

Before you specialise in Clinical Sciences in the third year of your Honours professional degree, you'll be studying alongside students from the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Honours) and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (Honours). Among the units you'll study are:

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Microbiology and infectious diseases
  • Multi-disciplinary Clinical Measurements sciences
  • Cardiac science
  • Respiratory science
  • Sleep science

You'll then move to studies that are specific to your chosen specialisation.

How to apply

Check the QTAC information and apply by clicking on the relevant link below depending on where you wish to study.

Take note of the QTAC code for this course in the location you've chosen because you'll need to enter it as part of your QTAC application.

Townsville (317291) - Apply now

OP Score/Rank is representative of 2017 entry requirements and is therefore indicative only. Entry scores for 2018 will be finalised in the major offer round.

Pathway into course

The Diploma of Higher Education is a one-year course (or two years, part-time) designed to help people who may not meet the academic requirements for entry into a Bachelor degree course. The course is also designed to help students develop the necessary skills to be successful university students.

The Diploma consists of a combination of introductory and first year degree subjects. Successful completion of the Diploma will give you a recognised qualification in its own right.

Graduating with the Diploma will also allow you to enter many JCU Bachelor degree programs and may give you credit, for some of the subjects you successfully complete.

Contact, if you have any questions or call Anne Chatelain (07) 47815740 in Townsville or Gabi Newman (07) 4232 1155 in Cairns.

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