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Professional Employability Program

Develop advanced skills and knowledge through JCU's Professional Masters Courses and the Professional Employability Program.

Enhance your employability and advance your career in Australia and globally through the Professional Employability Program. This program is a unique feature of JCU's Professional Masters Courses and is based on the latest research, employment data and industry insights.

The JCU Professional Employability Program is available as part of the following degrees:

Students complete a structured co-curricular employability skills and development program, which runs for the duration of the degree. This includes a tailored plan to support individual employment objectives, beginning from semester one through to graduation.

As part of the JCU Professional Employability Program, students take part in meaningful industry placements. They will have opportunities to develop skills and build industry connections to maximise their employment outcomes.

Professional Employability Program Units and Schedule

The Masters Employability Program is completed throughout the normal duration of the JCU professional masters program and helps students work towards the following outcomes.

  • Development of a personalised Career Plan
  • Preparation of professional Job Search Tools
  • Highly developed core employability skills, relevant to the desired employment outcome
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Success Profile for their chosen Career Path
  • Detailed understanding of the recruitment process and an enhanced ability to successful navigate this
  • A strong sense of personal brand and competitive elevator pitch
  • A broad understanding of industry requirements and an expanded industry network
  • Relevant work based experience
  • A comprehensive Employment Portfolio

The program includes three elements:

The Professional Employability Subject

This unit covers the core elements of Personal Career Management combined with an overview of Employability requirements across the Science discipline. A multi-disciplinary lens is taken to personalise subject content, to align to sub specialisations.

Delivered in intensive mode, students participate in three workshops, delivered by discipline experts and senior HR practitioners, the subject builds the capability of students in career planning, employability skills, professional networking and navigation of the recruitment process. Workshops are combined with regular online tutorials and self-directed online learning, to accelerate each student’s development.

Regular industry involvement is also a characteristic of this subject, including keynote speakers, industry panels, work based simulation and case study activity.

The Employability Passport

The Employability Passport provides an extensive range of resources to students in support of their career development. Built in portfolio management software, the Employability Passport houses a range of resources including, career development templates, guides for job search tools such as Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles, Success Profile models and current Industry Insights. These resources provide students with a ‘one stop shop’ to support their career planning, but also enable each student’s development of their personal Employability Portfolio, within the Passport platform. This Portfolio can ultimately be shared with potential employers, highlighting each student’s unique capabilities and experiences; importantly demonstrating their job readiness.

The Industry Placement

The industry placement is offered as a subject within your course, typically towards the completion of study.