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Courses Information for Admissions Transparency

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Admissions Transparency

The Australian Government introduced a requirement for all higher education institutions to make data on their undergraduate admission cohorts available to the public each year.

This information is intended to help potential undergraduate students understand the courses available to them, the typical student cohort each year and specific admission requirements.

To access the data download the JCU institute-level guide (PDF, 366 KB) and JCU course specific guide (PDF, 1546 KB).

Admissions Philosophy

As North Queensland's leading institution of higher education, JCU recognises its integral and unique role in the education opportunities and research capacity of its graduates. JCU seeks to create a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide, through graduates and discoveries that make a difference.

Students are at the heart of JCU, and we understand the role that people from rural, regional and remote communities play in shaping future decisions made about life in the tropics. JCU is committed to ensuring appropriate pathways and opportunities are available for all students to pursue higher education and achieve their fullest potential.

JCU works with students to create opportunities and enduring, sustainable benefits for our region and beyond. To this end, we seek to admit students from all parts of Queensland, as well as other states and countries who aspire to:

  • Excellence in academic achievement, intellectual pursuits and creative endeavours
  • An understanding of, and respect for, intellectual, social and cultural differences
  • A commitment to community through public involvement, school activities, leadership and/or family, and
  • The ability to benefit from and contribute to a culturally and intellectually diverse community of scholar-citizens.

To serve a student body of highly qualified, intellectually curious and actively involved students, JCU is committed to providing excellence in its learning and teaching environment, to promoting high levels of student engagement, and to offering appropriate support services.

By identifying students with outstanding potential and fostering continued personal development in the classroom and the community, JCU expects that future leaders of the state, the nation and the global community will emerge among its alumni.

More information

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