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About Arts and Social Sciences

Cross-cultural experiences

Develop a global understanding. JCU students build skills and knowledge through hands-on field experiences in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

The support to succeed

Excel in small class sizes and with personalised support. JCU is independently rated for providing excellent student support above the national averageˆ.

Transferable skills

Expand employability opportunities. JCU students gain valuable communication and creative thinking skills, applicable to various career pathways.

Be a digital disruptor

Build critical thinking skills. Highly valued across industries, JCU graduates engage in reflective and independent thinking – arriving at relevant solutions for the complex challenges.


If you find people fascinating, or wonder about why we do what we do, have a passion to expand your knowledge about the world and the big challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century, then the Social Sciences are for you.

The Social Sciences include fields of study that focus on our culturally diverse, complex and dynamic social world. At James Cook University the Social Sciences academic group is broad and varied. Our staff conduct research and teaching in the areas of Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology, International Relations, Political Science, and Sociology. You can specialise in one or more Social Sciences disciplines by enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts.

Your career opportunities can be found in agencies that focus on social and community planning, cultural heritage, tourism, social and criminal justice, as well as aid organisations. You could work in indigenous organisations, policy development, social research, and the corporate world. You will be able to make a valuable contribution to important global challenges we face in the world today.

We also offer further study through our Honours program, Master of Social Science, as well as higher degree research programs if you are seeking a professional career as an anthropologist, archaeologist, criminologist, political scientist or sociologist.

Humanities and Creative Arts offers Bachelor degrees in English, History, Modern Languages, Journalism, Writing, Design and Media Arts. Short language courses are also available.

^QILT Student Experience Survey 2016-2017.