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About Arts and Social Sciences

Cross-cultural experiences

Develop a global understanding. JCU students build skills and knowledge through hands-on field experiences in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

The support to succeed

Excel in small class sizes and with personalised support. JCU was independently awarded five stars for providing excellent student support and learning resources^ and ranked above the national average*.

Transferable skills

Expand employability opportunities. JCU students gain valuable communication and creative thinking skills, applicable to various career pathways.

Be a digital disruptor

Build critical thinking skills. Highly valued across industries, JCU graduates engage in reflective and independent thinking – arriving at relevant solutions for the complex challenges.

*QILT Student Experience Survey 2016-2017 ^Good Universities Guide 2020


If you find people fascinating, or wonder about why we do what we do, have a passion to expand your knowledge about the world and the big challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century, then Arts and Social Sciences are for you. Within your Bachelor of Arts degree you can study a wide variety of subjects from the Humanities and Creative Arts field and the Social Science field, or choose to specialise through Majors. Learn to think creatively, analyse effectively and use the critical thinking skills necessary to work in today’s modern society.

Humanities and Creative Arts includes English, History, Modern Languages, Multimedia Journalism and Writing, Design and Creative Arts. Short language courses are also available.

Social Sciences includes Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology, Human Services and Geography, Indigenous Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

A Bachelor of Arts degree provides you with a diverse range of skills that will open up various career options depending on your chosen study area. Opportunities can be found in organisations that focus on social and community planning and development, communications and media, cultural heritage, tourism, social and criminal justice. You could work in indigenous organisations, policy development, social research, and the corporate world. Expand your career potential further with joint degrees in Laws, Science and Business.

Meet our Arts and Social Sciences students

Stephanie Schierhuber, Bachelor of Arts in English

"Texts, poems, and novels don’t exist in a vaccum – they’re created in a certain space and time. They serve as a bit of a snapshot in history, culture, and society, and the time periods they were created in have the power to influence later history and social changes. I really love this idea and believe that literature can provide a space where you’re free to explore ideas of certain events that other mediums don’t allow, especially if they’re controversial."

James Clark, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

James Clark

"The university provides plenty of opportunities to interact directly with teachers and other students, which I think makes the learning experience far more engaging and productive. I found all the staff to be very supportive and willing to invest their time and skills in students, even on an individual basis. Overall, I feel the learning culture at JCU is one that fosters engagement and student efficacy."