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Biomedical Sciences

JCU Biomedical Sciences is a leader in experiential learning. Develop skills with a world-class education in the genome, microbiome, and metabiome – linked to the cell and health of a living organism. Highly valued by employers, JCU graduates are at the leading edge of health and the human body.

Practice with integrity

Graduate with extensive practical knowledge. Benefiting from strong industry partnerships, JCU students work with world–class researchers and health professionals on significant local and global challenges.

Contemporary knowledge

Contribute to JCU’s excellence in applied research. Work side by side world–leading researchers in the state–of–the–art facility, JCU Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine.

Value equality

Be adaptable. JCU Biomedical Sciences graduates understand how to serve urban, rural, remote, and regional communities.

Ready today, for tomorrow

Prepare to work across many careers in health sciences. Knowledgeable in generalist biomedicine and clinical sciences, JCU students specialise in their third year. JCU Biomedical Sciences graduates are flexible and adaptable, working worldwide to enact positive change.

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