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About Biomedicine

Practice with integrity

Graduate with extensive practical knowledge. Benefiting from strong industry partnerships, JCU students work with world–class researchers and health professionals on significant local and global challenges.

Contemporary knowledge

Contribute to JCU’s excellence in applied research. Work side by side world–leading researchers in the state–of–the–art facility, JCU Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine.

Value equality

Be adaptable. JCU Biomedical Sciences graduates understand how to serve urban, rural, remote, and regional communities.

Ready today, for tomorrow

Prepare to work across many careers in health sciences. Knowledgeable in generalist biomedicine and clinical sciences, JCU students specialise in their third year. JCU Biomedical Sciences graduates are flexible and adaptable, working worldwide to enact positive change.


The Discipline of Biomedicine is a multidisciplinary hub within the College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences, in the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine at James Cook University.

The aim of the Discipline is to bring together researchers in biology and medicine, as well as clinicians and health workers from across the northern region, whose research has implications for the prevention, detection or treatment of diseases relevant to Indigenous health and the tropical communities.

The Department has a close association with the Australian Institute of Medical Laboratory Scientists (AIMS), which provides additional research support and opportunities for staff and students.  In addition, the Townsville Hospital is adjacent to the Department, allowing excellent opportunities for  collaborative projects with clinical staff.

For students, the Department of Biomedicine offers a world-class education in anatomy and biomedical sciences with tissue culture suites; histology processing and microscopy; a radioisotope suite, and PC2/PC3; clinical pathology and post-mortem suites; 80 hectares of livestock paddocks; large and small animal housing including aquatic animals. Two degrees are on offer through defined course structures within Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences; and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Honours). The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Honours) is fully accredited by AIMS, where course graduates are eligible for membership and increased employment opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

Our graduate students play pivotal roles in the continuing success of our research programs and gaining a studentship in the Department of Biomedicine is an excellent opportunity to start a research career in an environment committed to training outstanding research scientists of the future.