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About Environmental Management

Unique learning environment

JCU students develop strong practical skills. Applying theory into practice, students access a uniquely biodiverse World Heritage Area, the Wet Tropics, dry savannahs, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Connect with the best

Learn from the experts. JCU students access expert lecturers who integrate their world-class* research into the classroom.

Build a distinct skill set

JCU students are highly adaptable. Studying a unique combination of specialist study areas, students develop strong applied management skills.

Top marks all round

Independently awarded five stars for student support^, JCU graduates are ready today for tomorrow.


Play a lead role in creating a brighter future for the Tropics by understanding how we can live more sustainably and harmoniously with the environment.

Learn how natural environments function and change over time and how societies can conserve, use and modify these environments and the resources they provide. A degree in the environmental science and management fields will prepare you to address environmental issues now and into the future, including climate change, natural disaster management, conservation, natural resource management, and land use.

Environmental Science and Management involves understanding and finding solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.