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About Geoscience

JCU Geoscience is a leader in experiential learning. Experience the incredible, accessing and studying landscapes from the vast savannahs to marine sediments. A strong focus on practical fieldwork and industry connections empowers JCU graduates to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Learn from the best

JCU students thrive through access to internationally-renowned lecturers who integrate their well-above-world-standards^ research, into the classroom.

Unique access

Develop strong hands-on skills. Applying theory into practice, JCU students learn from various landscapes like the Great Artesian Basin, the Outback, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sustainability goals

Meet the growing demand. Contributing to green energy production, JCU students innovate solutions to find essential sustainable materials.

Dedicated degrees

Specialise with a JCU Geoscience degree. Experts in their field and highly valued by employers, JCU graduates are knowledgeable in Earth Sciences and Geology.