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About Law

Experience has no substitute

JCU Law students can work alongside experienced lawyers and judges through the clinical legal education program, work placement and projects with industry. JCU Law’s international programs allow students to build cross-cultural skills working with NGOs in South East Asia and beyond.

Outstanding graduate outcomes

Achieve graduate success through a unique and unrivalled opportunity – JCU Law’s extensive industry partners mentor students throughout their degree.

Flexibility and choice

JCU Law students complete their degree sooner through JCU Law’s range of intensive block and online elective subjects.

A contemporary approach

Experience multidisciplinary programs. JCU Law students gain a competitive edge when choosing to include a minor study in Information Technology, Language studies, Business or Social Sciences.


Law at James Cook University produces multi-skilled, versatile and ethical graduates. Our aim is that graduates will have developed the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to take their place in their chosen career path. Our degrees prepare people for the practice of law and also for work within, and service to, a broad range of sectors, including Government, corporate, social change, law enforcement and community wellbeing. We seek to do that by imparting a strong appreciation both of the rule of law and role of law in its social, economic, environmental and political contexts.

JCU Law graduates benefit from a practical approach and are valued by the profession throughout northern Queensland. JCU also offers a Graduate Bachelor of Laws program for existing degree holders who wish to gain a legal qualification.