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About Planning

Think resilience

JCU Planning has a distinctive focus on strong, sustainable urban design resilient to disasters in a tropical location – a region with 40 per cent of the global population.

Design compassionate cities

JCU students benefit from meaningful partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and local governments, building knowledge that can help shape the world.

Develop a future focus

Experience urban design and sustainable town planning on multiple levels. JCU students have opportunities to visit regional towns and international design landmarks like the Helix Bridge in Singapore.

Experiential learning

JCU Planning graduates use knowledge developed through project-based learning and internships, as experience has no substitute.


Situated in the heart of tropical northern Queensland, JCU offers a unique setting for planning studies.

On our doorstep, World Heritage listed tropics, rainforests and Great Barrier Reef meet rapidly growing cities. This provides an insight into the many planning challenges city regions are facing around the world.

You will experience first-hand the delicate balances modern planning must strike, like lifestyle with sustainability. These skills are applicable to diverse international planning environments. So your degree is portable enough to take you anywhere in the world.