Course structure - Bachelor of Arts 2016

Courses and Study Subject alternative pages Course structure - Bachelor of Arts 2016

Core subjects

The Bachelor of Arts has four core subjects. The first three core subjects are:

All these are Level 1 (first year) core subjects dealing with human understanding of time and space, history, and culture.

The final core subject is 'Arts Edge', a Level 3 (third year) subject designed to have you reflect on knowledge and skills developed during your Bachelor of Arts course, and integrate these into contemporary formats ready for the global workplace.


Half of your BA will be the study of one major area. You can also study a second major, which can be an area from another College. You can view the subjects for each major by clicking the links below:


There is also space in your BA to take elective subjects. These may be subjects related to your major or majors, or they may simply be subjects of interest to you. Elective subjects can be chosen from any College.