Course Structure - Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Ecology Advanced

Courses and Study Subject alternative pages Course Structure - Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Ecology Advanced

All students in the course will study these subjects.

SC1102:03 Modelling Natural Systems

CH1001:03 Chemistry: A Central Science or CH1011:03 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences

SC3002:03 Science, Research and Society or SC5055:03 Research and Communication Skills in Natural Sciences

SC3003:03 Science Research Internship or a level 5 Science subject approved by the Course Coordinator

All students must also choose a Major to study in detail (see subject list below). You have the option of focussing on another key study area by taking a Second Major, or broadening your scientific knowledge by selecting science subjects from many disciplines. For the rules about the full course structure, please visit the Bachelor of Science handbook page.

BSc – Zoology and Ecology Advanced Major

Major code


Available in

Bachelor of Science

Credit point value

30 credit points

Major Structure - Cairns


Level 1

BZ1005:03 Introductory Ecology

BZ1006: 03 Diversity of Life

Level 2

BZ2001:03 Quantitative Methods in Science

BZ2820:03 Evolutionary Biology

BZ2880:03 Ecology: Distribution, Abundance and Diversity

MB2080:03 Invertebrate Biology or BZ2480:03 Restoration Ecology or BZ2808:03 Adaptation to Environmental Change

Level 5

BZ5215:03 Conservation Biology

BZ5230:03 Ecological Research Methods


Select 6 credit points of specified level 3 subjects from List 1

List 1

BZ5225:03 Field Ecology

BZ5520:03 Agroecology

BZ5620:03 Tropical Flora of Australia

BZ5745:03 Tropical Entomology

Major Structure - Townsville


Level 1

BZ1001:03 Introduction to Biological Processes

BZ1007:03 Introduction to Biodiversity

Level 2

BZ2001:03 Quantitative Methods in Science

BZ2705:03 Australian Vertebrate Fauna

BZ2440:03 Ecology and Conservation

BZ2420:03 Ecological Genetics or BZ2008:03 Adaptation to Environmental Change or MB2080:03 Invertebrate Biology

Level 5

BZ5740:03 Wildlife Ecology and Management

BZ5220:03 Population and Community Ecology


Select 6 credit points of specified subjects from List 2

List 2

BZ5215:03 Conservation Biology

BZ5615:03 Plant Survival in a Land of Fire, Flood and Drought or BZ5210:03 Ecology of Tropical Forest Ecosystems

BZ5061:03 Behavioural Ecology

BZ5450:03 Ecological and Conservation Genetics

BZ3001:03 Field Studies in the Equatorial Tropics: Borneo