Dip Higher Ed Health subjects

Students will be enrolled in set study plans which will allow them to articulate into their target degree. The study plans will allow for flexible enrolment options. The study plans will involve a mix of core, selected major and elective subjects.

Study plans can be discussed with the Pathways Programs Manager if required.


CU1022:03 Developing Academic Skills

CS1022:03 Learning in a Digital Environment

MA1022:03 Essential Maths

SC1022:03 Essential Science


Select 9 credit points of subjects from List 1


Select 3 credit points of subjects from List 1 or List 2

List 1

BM1002:03 Anatomy: Principles and Systems

BM1011:03 Physiological Systems and Processes 1

BM1022:03 Physiological Systems and Processes 2

CH1011:03 Chemistry for the Natural Sciences

EL1100:03 Critical Reading

HS1003:03 Lifespan Development for Health A or HS1005:03 Lifespan Development for Health

HS1401:03 Health and Health Care in Australia orNS1220:03 Primary Health Care

NS1012:03 Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice

PC1004:03 Introduction to Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences 1

PY1101:03 Exploring Psychology 1

PY1102:03 Exploring Psychology 2

RH1002:03 Communication Skills for Health Professionals

RH1004:03 Foundations of Allied Health Professional Practice

SL1001:03 Introduction to Speech Pathology

SP1001:03 Science and Practice of Physical Activity or SP1002:03 Sport and Exercise Nutrition

SS1010:03 Australian People: An Introduction to the Social Sciences

SS1103:03 An Introduction to Social Science Research Practices

WS1005:03 Human Rights and Social Issues

List 2

CU1010:03 Effective Writing

CH1020:03 Preparatory Chemistry

MA1020:03 Preparatory Mathematics

PH1001:03 Preparatory Physics