Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science - Bachelor of Psychological Science

Combine two dynamic degrees to help individuals and athletes optimise their physical performance.

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  • Townsville: February



+estimated annual tuition fee
Plus Student Services and Amenities fee
Scholarships and financial aid available if eligible


5 years full-time

Entry Requirements

Recommended Knowledge

One of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health, Psychology or Physical Education (Units 3/4,C)

English (Units 3/4,C), Mathematical Methods (3/4,C); or equivalent



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Real stories

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    Lucy Fagez

    Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science - Bachelor of Psychological Science

    Engaging in a joint degree has allowed me to keep doors open. It is also an opportunity to obtain two Bachelor’s degrees in less time than it would take to complete them both separately. Professionally, having a joint degree will make me more marketable and provide more varied career options.

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    Adon Alves

    Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

    During my time at JCU we covered interesting subtopics in sport and exercise science, including biomechanics, motor learning, sport psychology, and strength and conditioning. All lecturers and tutors are passionate about their field which provided motivation and encouragement and helped me expand on my own interests.

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    Associate Professor Anthony Leicht

    Sport and Exercise Science

    Our program is really good in terms of it being hands-on. A lot of our graduates get to experience the real world, not only during classes but also during their practicum. They’re able to work with elite athletes and community groups, as well as patients. Having that wide range sets them up well for the real world.

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    Luke Gauci

    Director, Mindset Performance Fitness Centre

    It’s been good having JCU graduates as they bring skills that are up to date with the current information in the industry. In this industry, having staff who are JCU graduates is an extra qualification a lot of personal trainers don’t have. So I’ve gone out of my way to look for people with those qualifications.