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What is visual arts?

If you’re seeking to embrace your creative streak, the creative arts has something for every interest. Creative arts is the study of the process involved in devising, planning, and performing or exhibiting art. It includes the fields of visual art, music, dance, drama, and many others.

Visual art is a specific field within the creative arts. It involves the creation of pieces that can be experienced through artistic appreciation aesthetically, socially or emotionally. Common areas of focus within visual art include painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, public art, animation and film.

Visual art involves connecting with your inner self and exploring the depths of your imagination. It is both deeply personal, as an expression of your own creativity, and highly connective, as you share your art with the world. Visual artists are responsible for art we consume every day, from film, to pottery, paintings, and influence the advertisements you see everywhere in the world around you.

Visual arts include a firm awareness of the notion of the aesthetic, as well as an understanding of human patterns and behaviour.

A knowledge of the world around you is key, as you find unique ways to consider, express and reflect upon the human experience.

Many visual artists also have keen business sense. Not only do they appreciate and understand the aesthetic appeal of art, but they also acknowledge that they operate within an enterprise. Visual arts often involve elements of running a business, including marketing, budgeting and the application for grants.

Visual arts can connect with social, political, and commercial spheres, providing a wealth of opportunity for you to employ your skills in a manner that expresses your individuality.

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What does a visual artist do?

First and foremost, visual artists create. They master the core knowledge and skills of their chosen area, and then adapt and revise these techniques to create original pieces. Paintings, sculptures, public art and motion graphics are all the result of the ingenuity of creative artists. Visual art can be produced on a small scale, with an individual artist producing products by hand, or on a commercial scale.

Many visual artists now also use technology in creating their work. Understanding how technology can be incorporated into the planning, production and distribution of visual art can be a vital skill set for the contemporary visual artist. You’ll be adept at making technology work for you and drawing on different aspects to suit your individual creative needs.

As a creative artist, you may also find yourself in a curatorial role, running your own project or working within a museum or gallery. You’ll develop strong interpersonal skills and become comfortable engaging with a variety of people.

Event promotion and branding are areas with high demand for visual artists. Use your creativity to connect with a large audience by crafting specific works designed to reflect a particular theme or sentiment about a production. You’ll ensure your work is seen by many, and have an opportunity to work as part of a larger team.

You may also wish to share your design and creative arts skills with others in the educational or community spheres. Art therapists are vital in assisting many to work through challenging issues, while social and community groups often highlight the impact of arts-focused programs in engaging disadvantaged peoples.

What jobs are there in the visual arts?

Numerous industries are coming to understand the immense value that creativity can bring to the workplace. Visual artists have a diverse range of opportunities to express themselves and connect with individuals and groups.

Studying Design and Creative Arts at JCU equips you with the foundational skills to excel in your chosen artistic field. You’ll cultivate the ability to visually interpret ideas and communicate information in an engaging manner. Your out-of-the-box thinking will make you an asset to multiple industries.

With a JCU Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Design and Creative Arts, you’ll find yourself in positions such as:

  • Illustrator
  • Painter
  • Art director
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Advertising executive
  • Arts administrator
  • Curator
  • Art therapist
  • Art teacher
  • Community liaison worker.

Why study Visual Arts at JCU?

Focusing on Visual Arts, by studying Design and Creative Arts at JCU, will provide you with the skills and expertise to bring your creative ideas to life. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of core design principles and practices, as well as the technical equipment you will need in your chosen industry.

The JCU Bachelor of Arts gives you the framework to help you flourish your way. You will learn to combine your natural creativity with industry-relevant innovation methods. The work you produce will contribute to human understanding, performance or lifestyle.

You’ll benefit from the JCU Work Integrated Learning program, with the opportunity to work alongside professionals, and produce work that will assist you in your career development. Our focus on professional practice will ensure you’re fully aware of strategies to help you get ahead, from funding schemes to grant writing and employment structures.

When you study Design and Creative Arts at JCU, you’ll understand how the arts contribute to the world around you and feel confident to address the challenges and complexities of modern society.

With a Visual Arts and Digital Imaging focus at JCU Cairns campus, you’ll be supported to specialise in the field where you want to make a statement. Explore the JCU Bachelor of Arts and our Design and Creativity major today.

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