Technical Alerts

The Cyclone Testing Station produces Technical Alerts for industry and the wider community. For more details on any of these sheets please contact the station.
CTS Tech Bulletin - TC Debbie
Possible hidden damage within roof structure
QBCC Technical Feature
Restraints for Internal Partition Walls
QBCC Technical Feature
Conformity of treaded cyclone rods
CTS Tech Alert - Fixings of Window Frames
Brisbane storms highlight issues with fixings of window frames
CTS Tech Alert - Garage Doors
Cyclone Yasi highlights issues with garage doors
CTS Tech Alert - Extension for LHL
CTS Technical Alert - extension of deadline for LHL
CTS Tech Alert - LHL
Information on Low High Low test method in BCA - Oct 2007
CTS Tech Alert - Light Gauge Metal Roof Battens in Cyclonic Areas Must be Tested for Cyclic Loading
Information on top hat battens 25 May 2007

The CTS has NATA accreditation for testing services. Please contact us for further details.

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