Technical Alerts

The Cyclone Testing Station produces Technical Alerts for industry and the wider community. For more details on any of these sheets please contact the station.
CTS Tech Alert - Fixings of Window Frames
Brisbane storms highlight issues with fixings of window frames
CTS Tech Alert - Garage Doors
Cyclone Yasi highlights issues with garage doors
CTS Tech Alert - Extension for LHL
CTS Technical Alert - extension of deadline for LHL
CTS Tech Alert - LHL
Information on Low High Low test method in BCA - Oct 2007
CTS Tech Alert - Light Gauge Metal Roof Battens in Cyclonic Areas Must be Tested for Cyclic Loading
Information on top hat battens 25 May 2007
QBCC Technical Feature - Restraints for internal partition walls
QBCC Technical Feature - Conformity of threaded cyclone rods

The CTS has NATA accreditation for testing services. Please contact us for further details.

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