Latest Technical Reports

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Solar Panels 2019

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Tropical Cyclone Debbie 2017

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Static Testing of Batten Connections 2015

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Tropical Cyclone Olwyn 2015

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Brisbane Severe Storm Event 2014

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Response of Metal Cladding Systems to Windborne Debris 2012

Latest Technical Alerts and Other Reports

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CTS Tech Bulletin TC Debbie 2017

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Restraints for Internal Partition Walls 2016

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Conformity of treaded cyclone rods 2016

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CTS Tech Alert Garage Doors 2011

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CTS Tech Alert Fixings of Window Frames 2009

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Solar Panels on Roofs Report

Information Bulletins

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CTS Information Bulletin 2010: Roller and Sectional Doors

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CTS Information Bulletin 2004: Roof Battens

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