The North Queensland Strata Title Inspection Program (NQSTIP) is a three-year project that involves the development and operation of an inspection and assessment program of strata properties in North Queensland. The program aims to increase the total resilience of strata properties in Queensland to the effects of future tropical cyclones by providing Bodies Corporate with information about the existing resilience of their properties and strategies to improve that resilience if needed.

The program is funded by the Australian Federal Government, administered by the Queensland Government, and independently developed and implemented by James Cook University (JCU).

Inspections are offered for strata properties within 100 km of the coast, north of the southernmost boundary of the Rockhampton Regional council area, extending to the Queensland/Northern Territory border, and including islands off the Queensland coast. Properties within 50 km of the coast are in Wind Region C, and properties between 50 and 100 km of the coast are in Wind Region B, as shown in the Wind Region map of Queensland.

Participation in the program is voluntary.

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