Testing & Consultancy

Cyclone Testing Station Testing & Consultancy

The Cyclone Testing Station has a wide range of facilities to support research, testing and consultancy associated with the performance of housing and other low rise buildings in response to severe wind events. The facilities are broadly described here and CTS has NATA accreditation in a number of areas. For more detailed information, please contact our team.

Station Facilities

The Cyclone Testing Station has a number of testing facilities to satisfy your needs.

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Testing for Industry

The Station provides a service to the building industry as an authority for testing the effects of wind forces on buildings and building components.

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Consultancy Services

Through many years of experience in the wind engineering field, the Station has acted as consultant for industry, United Nations agencies, insurance bodies, and building regulatory authorities.

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The CTS has NATA accreditation for testing services. Please contact us for further details.

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