For the Building Industry

The Cyclone Testing Station aims to minimise loss and suffering that can occur across the community as a result of severe wind events.

Education of builders, designers and others about good practices to improve the performance of houses and other buildings is critical in this process. This page provides access to free videos and pamphlets that focus on best practice in building performance. The Cyclone Testing Station believes that information that improves building performance and protects life and property should be freely available to the community.


The CTS website provides a number of resources, including short videos that cover topics aimed at targeted improvements to housing performance, so that we are all safer in future cyclones and storms.    

Our Completed videos are:                      

Wind Classification for Houses - Information for Contractors, Builders & Designers      

Wind Classifications for Houses - Worked Example    

Upgrading an older roof - for Builders    

Re-roofing after storm damage - for Builders    

A few other topics we are working on are:      

  • Wind driven debris and internal pressure;      
  • Roller door performance including requirements for new doors and bracing of existing doors; and      
  • House maintenance to prepare for cyclone and storm season.        

These videos were made possible with support from:

QLD governmentWA governmentVictoria government

Further funding from the Cyclone Testing Station's Benefactor program has helped to initiate this program. It is hoped that further project funding becomes available once the community sees the benefits of this webinar series.

The CTS has NATA accreditation for testing services. Please contact us for further details.

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