Other contributors

Other contributors:

Many people have contributed to this site and their assistance is greatly appreciated.

Sandra Abell, fungi; Ross Alford, reptiles, Michael Braby, butterflies; Graeme Cocks, butterflies; Chris Gardiner, weeds and field sites; Len Ezzy, cartographer and bird observer, member of BOCA; Members of the Townsville Region Bird Observers Club; Brett Goodman, reptiles Cairns; Vern Veitch, fish; Gary Wilson, botanist and Leigh Winsor, flatworms.

Photographs or information on some of the Field Study sites were contributed by : Ross Alford, Orpha Bellwood, Kylie Brown, Andi Cairns, Robert Congdon, Paul Gadek, Chris Gardiner, Miriam Goosems, Lindsay Harrington, Robert Henderson, Joe Holtum, Bill Jeffery, Geoff Jones, Berndt Lottermoser, Jon Luly, Lania Lynch, Mark McCormick, Paul Nelson, Simon Robson, Pat Williams; Third year Botany students.