Dr John Dowe

The JCU palm expert, John graduated from JCU with a PhD in Botany in 2001. Dr Dowe is a botanist researching the ecology of riparian [stream edge] vegetation. He is associated with the Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research, at James Cook University, Townsville. Dr Dowe’s PhD involved an analysis of Australia’s largest genus of palms, Livistona, investigating reproductive biology, taxonomy, biogeography and phylogeny. This work has since been published. Apart from ecological research, Dr Dowe specialises in the study of Australian and New Guinea palms, having described over 25 species and producing a number of major monographs, including the treatment of palms in the Flora of Australia series. He has recently published the definitive book on "Australian Palms", CSIRO 2010. He is now living in Cairns and writing up some of the local flora. He is associated with the Australian Tropical Herbarium.