The DTES Technician team manage a pool of equipment that may be used for research and undergraduate field trips. This includes:

- S   Safety equipment

  • 1st aid kits
  • Satellite communication devices
  • UHF radios
  • GPS

- C  Camping equipment

- Sc  Scientific equipment

  • Quadrats
  • Measuring tapes
  • Water sampling and testing

To discuss the use of any equipment listed, or other laboratory or field equipment needs, contact a friendly technician.

Owner Email Address
Rickard Abom (Team Leader)
Gregory Napier (Aquaculture)
Janice Cran (Biology and Marine Biology)
Lexie Edwards (Biology and Zoology)
Rhys Cornish (Environmental Science)
Stefano Montanari (Aquarist)
Jenni Paul
Ben Lyons
Jamie Mars
Rhiannon Connors
Teresa Carrette
Shannon Todd
Catherine Vis