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When undertaking research at JCU in Marine or Terrestrial environments permits must be sort from the governing bodies to ensure we follow the Research code of conduct and is a legal requirement to undertake research.

Here we provide:

All research, with the exception of Limited Impact Research, and educational activities will require a GBRMPA permit to conduct activities in the Marine Park (including snorkelling, diving, reef walking, surveys, transects and collecting). Application forms can be found on the GBRMPA Zoning, Permits and Plans website and should be submitted to GBRMPA.

All permits must be obtained prior to your arrival on Heron Island. The permit process can take 6 months so it is important that applications are submitted well in advance of your trip. Copies of permits must be supplied to HIRS Scientific Staff prior to your arrival. Please contact or GBRMPA if you have any queries about permits.

GBRMPA permit enquiries
Ph: +61 7 4750 0700 or 1800 990 770; email:

General Fisheries permit enquiries
Ph: +61 7 4750 0700 or 1800 990 770; email:

You will need a permit to take, use, keep or interfere with cultural or natural resources including flora, fauna, soil and water within:

  • the protected area estate (except nature refuges) and/or
  • marine park and/or
  • State forest estate, and/or
  • recreation areas management estate.

Please submit a completed application (DOCX, 201KB) to Assessment of permits can take up to 40 business days. For more information, see

You will need to obtain a Scientific Purposes Permit or an Educational Purposes Permit from the Department of Environment and Science for research/educational activities involving the taking/use/keeping of protected animals:

  • on private land, public purposes reserves, and other estate that operates outside of protected areas (except nature refuges)
  • outside of marine parks
  • outside of State forest estate, and
  • outside of recreation areas management estate

Please complete the following permit application form (DOC, 304KB) and email to

This permit application is also available online. You can register through JCU has a customer account that you can connect to (Customer Reference number: 533094)

Please contact Permit and Licence Management, under the Department of Environment and Science, if you require further information.

Permit and Licence Management
Ph: 1300 130 372; email:

Process, Policy and Procedure for Permit Applications to conduct research on the Great Barrier Reef under JCU accreditation

Critical information:

  • Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the commencement of work.
  • Research cannot be conducted without authorisation in advance. Without authorisation, researchers and associated personnel may be prosecuted for contravention of the Zoning Plan.
  • Applicants must familiarise themselves with the relevant legislation and University policies and procedures before completing the request for clearance.
  • Extensions or amendments to approved applications cannot be granted retrospectively
  • Researchers must submit annual reports for projects operating over twelve (12) months before November 30th each year and a final report on conclusion of the project.


The Marine Permit Custodian can be contacted on email via