Division of Tropical Health and Medicine


The JCU Division of Tropical Health and Medicine offers a Cohort Doctoral Studies Program, one of the first of its kind in Australia.

Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to study in a supportive environment with mentoring, peer support and professional development opportunities.

Support for doctoral research

The Cohort Doctoral Studies Program is designed to support and nurture doctoral students through their studies by providing workshops, seminars, coursework, peer learning facilitation and writing workshops in a cohort model where students commence and progress through their program as a group.

Although students may undertake different pathways through the program, all will complete either a PhD or professional doctorate.

Students will benefit from:

  • An experienced academic mentor
  • Peer support
  • Greater contact with academic staff
  • A reduced sense of isolation, and
  • Travel grants

Who can apply?

The Program is aimed at professionals working in the broad areas of medicine, health (including nursing, rehabilitation sciences, sport and exercise sciences and health promotion), chemistry, and biomedical, molecular or veterinary sciences.

Previous experience in research or research qualifications is not necessary, although applicants who cannot demonstrate research expertise will be required to successfully complete a bridging program.

If students are employed full-time, they will be expected to show evidence of support from their employer to undertake the Program. We recommend that students in full-time employment seek a research project that closely aligns with their work.

Program participation

Students may enrol full- or part-time, and can be located on or off campus.

The Program is offered in block mode, where students need only attend campus for one-week periods once or twice each semester.

Travel grants

Travel grants are available to support students to attend on-campus activities.

Online support will be in place for students outside of block teaching periods.

Further information

Academic Enquiries

Administration Enquiries

Dr Melissa Crowe
Director, Cohort Doctoral Studies Program

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine
James Cook University

Phone (07) 4781 5610
Fax (07) 4725 5659


Christine Teitzel
Project Officer

Division of Tropical Health and Medicine
James Cook University

Phone (07) 4781 5176
Fax (07) 4725 5659