COVID-19 Advice for the JCU Community - Last updated: 5 May 2022, 3pm (AEST)

Participant Essentials

Off-campus participants will have access to JCU support and resources, as outlined below:

Services and Support

Understanding JCU’s online services before start your studies is essential. Online portals include eStudent, LearnJCU, JCU email and StudentsOnline.

All official communication will be sent to your JCU email account, so it is essential you check it regularly (at least twice per week). Any communication you have with the university will also need to come from your JCU email accounts as proof of identity. If you require any assistance with the online portals, please contact Infohelp.

View IT Essentials information regarding your online accounts, Office 365 Email service, free software packages and agreements, IT Help Desk, personal computer and mobile device use at our study centres, and much more.

The Learning Centre offers learning and peer support services, including:

  • A help desk service for external participants via our contact form, and
  • Online resources for refreshing your strategies for learning, reading, writing, maths and statistics.

Access our award winning Learning Centre to for the best possible learning experience.

JCU’s counselling service provides a free, professional, confidential and responsive service to help you manage personal issues that could impact on your studies at JCU. Bookings are essential and appointments are available by phone or Skype.

Whether you have a permanent disability or a temporary injury or condition which is affecting your study, AccessAbility Services aims to take a holistic approach to your life, taking into consideration the impact of health on your studies.

All members of our university community, including our off-campus participants, have a right to feel welcome, respected and safe.

At JCU, we are committed to ensuring that our working and learning environment is free from discrimination and harassment. Safety and Wellbeing provides information about a range of safety and wellbeing issues including bullying and harassment, discrimination, assault, reporting incidents and emergency contacts.

Off-Campus Study

Information regarding off-campus study can be found below:

University communication

All official communication regarding your enrolment is sent to your JCU email account. You must check your email regularly to ensure you don't miss anything important.

Module communication

The module coordinator will communicate through email or comments and announcements on LearnJCU. While you may not have the opportunity to meet your module coordinator face-to-face, you can contact them by phone, email or via LearnJCU.

The Rural Generalist Program includes a range of assessments across the program. Examples of assessment tasks may include a:

  • short presentation
  • 500 word abstract
  • reports
  • reflections
  • short video

There will be no formal exams in the Rural Generalist Program.

Assessments will be submitted via LearnJCU.