Our Staff

Professor Marcus Lane

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academy

Phone (07) 4781 5039

Email dvcacademy@jcu.edu.au

Administration Enquiries: academysupport@jcu.edu.au

Director, Divisional Operations

Mrs Elle Forbes, JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas

Ph: (07) 4781 3218, email: directortesops@jcu.edu.au

Director, Academic Quality and Strategy

Associate Professor Rebecca Sealey, JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas

Ph: (07) 4781 4770, email: directoraqsthm@jcu.edu.au

Lisa Vandommele, Manager, Curriculum Management

Ph: (07) 4781 3223, email: cma@jcu.edu.au

Selection Team

Mrs Dana Green, Division Selections Coordinator

Ph: (07) 4781 4103, email: Dana.Green@jcu.edu.au

Division Enrolments Team

Enrolment enquiries should be forwarded to the JCU Student Centre in the first instance.

Ph: (07) 4781 5255 (Townsville)
Ph: (07) 4232 1000 (Cairns)
Email: Enquiries@jcu.edu.au

To enquire in person, please visit the Student Services desk, ground floor, Education Central (Building 134), JCU Townsville.

Manager, Student Placements

Mrs Tracy Bagley

Ph: (07) 4781 5324, email: Tracy.Bagley@jcu.edu.au

Student Placement Team

email: healthplacements@jcu.edu.au

Dr Melissa Crowe, Head of Program

Ph: (07) 4781 5610, email: Melissa.Crowe@jcu.edu.au

View Melissa's Research Profile

View Cohort Doctoral Studies Program webpage. For general enquiries, please contact: dthmcohortprogram@jcu.edu.au

Sue Kelly, Manager, Laboratories and Technical Support

Ph: (07) 4232 1456 or (07) 4781 5651, email: susan.kelly@jcu.edu.au

To see our researchers and their biographies, visit https://research.jcu.edu.au/portfolio/