Professor Sean Connolly – ARC Australian Professorial Fellow

SeanConnolly_border.jpgMy research group uses a combination of mathematical modelling and empirical work, to address fundamental questions about the origin and maintenance of biodiversity, and also to understand the ecological impacts of environmental changes caused by human activity, such as overfishing and climate change. Mostly, but not exclusively, we use coral reefs as a study system. <More>

Dr Mia Hoogenboom – Lecturer

MiaHoogenboom_border.jpgI investigate how processes occurring at the physiological scale influence the growth, survival and reproduction (fitness) of organisms. My work establishes mechanistic links between environmental conditions, individual performance and population processes, and focuses on three main themes. <More>

Mizue Jacobson – Research Assistant

MizueHisano_border.jpgIn my Honours project, I focused on the studies of the population status of reef sharks. I then commenced working as a research assistant to build more knowledge and expand my skills on research in theoretical ecology under the supervision of Prof. Sean Connolly. The majority of my work as a research assistant involves the undertaking of analysis of data. Although this involves nearly all work to be done on the computer, I do various tasks depending on what stage the project is at. Some days I do literature searches to gain background knowledge on how things are done, other days I write mathematical codes to do statistical analysis, or I prepare figures and tables for research reports and publications. I enjoy problem solving and I am thrilled when I actually crack a code to figure out what sort of story the data are telling.