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Ecological Modelling Research Group

Community Ecology


We have very broad interests in community ecology (on coral reefs and elsewhere). Ongoing research topics include:

  • Drivers of biodiversity maintenance in coral assemblages.

  • Heterospecific aggression and community structure in butterflyfishes

  • Diversity-stability relationships

  • Trophic dynamics of coral reefs

  • Temporal niche partitioning in nitrogen competition by microalgae

Current Researchers:

  • Shane Blowes

  • Loic Thibaut

  • Martino Malerba

  • Jordan Casey

  • Sean Connolly

Current Collaborators:

Selected Publications:

  • Salomon, Y., S.R. Connolly, and L. Bode. 2010. Effects of asymmetric dispersal on the coexistence of competing species. Ecology Letters 13: 432–441.

  • Thibaut, L.M., S.R. Connolly, and H.P.A. Sweatman. 2012. Diversity and stability of herbivorous fishes on coral reefs. Ecology 93: 891-901.

  • Figueiredo, J. and S.R. Connolly. 2012. Dispersal-mediated Coexistence under Recruitment Limitation and Displacement Competition. Ecological Modelling 243: 133-142.

  • Malerba, M.E., S.R. Connolly, and K. Heimann. Nitrate-nitrite dynamics and phytoplankton growth: Formulation and experimental evaluation of a dynamic model. Limnology and Oceanography, in press. Accepted 17 June 2012.