For Prospective Students

Most students in the Ecological Modelling Research Group incorporate some combination of modelling and empirical work into their research. Because of our emphasis on modelling as a core part of doing science, most students come in with a coursework background that involves a mix of biology and mathematics. Usually, this is an undergraduate biology major with mathematics coursework at least including some differential equations and linear algebra, but we have also had students whose undergraduate degrees were in other disciplines, such as Mathematics or Computer Science. However, in some cases, students whose theses are more heavily weighted to the empirical side, or whose modelling is primarily computational, may not have the same level of formal mathematical background as a student whose thesis is focused on analytical theory or the development of new statistical methods.

If you are interested in undertaking a research degree (PhD, Honours, or Masters) with one of the staff in the Ecological Modelling Research Group, please have a look at our ongoing research, then email us. Let us know with whom you are interested in working, describe your research interests and tell us why you have decided that our Group would be a good match with those interests. Please also attach a CV, and (if possible) an unofficial transcript to give us some idea of your coursework background.