EGRU Conferences - ACROFI VIII Workshop and Field Trip

Workshop and Field Trip

Workshop - 2 days

Fundamentals of Fluid Inclusions

DateSunday 14  to  Monday 15 June 2020
LocationJames Cook University, Townsville Campus
Time 9am - 5pm
Course LeadersDr Jan Huizenga and Assoc. Prof. Carl Spandler
StudentsFREE  - only 10 places available


The short course will include the fundamentals of fluid inclusion studies and the chemical analysis of single fluid inclusions using laser-ablation ICP-MS.

The fundamentals section will focus on the practical aspects of fluid inclusion studies (e.g., sample selection, sample preparation), fluid inclusion petrography (i.e. principle of fluid inclusion assemblages), phase diagrams of single and multi-component systems, use of the heating-freezing stage and micothermometry, data collection, presentation and evaluation, and the calculation of fluid compositions and isochores.

The second part of the course will examine the procedures and methods for chemical analysis of individual fluid inclusions by laser ablation ICP-MS, including aspects sample preparation requirements, instrument setup and operation, analysis protocols, data quantification and processing and advantages and limitations of the technique.

This workshop requires minimum number of registrants to proceed. Please see cancellation policy for refund details.

Field Trip

A field trip within the Townsville region is being planned. Further details will be available when registration opens in January 2020.