Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Important Dates

Extended to  - Friday 15 March 2019

Author Notification - by Friday 22 March 2019

EGRU is requesting extended abstracts of up to 5 x A4 pages.

The extended abstracts will be reviewed.

Presenters whose abstracts have been accepted must register for the conference before their abstracts will be accepted into the program.

Abstract Guidelines

Poster Size: A0 -  841 x 1189 - portrait (preferred) but landscape with be accepted

How to Format Your Abstract

File NameLastName_First Name.docx
FileMicrosoft Word Doc. (.docx) - PDF files will not be accepted
Max Pages5 x  A4 pages, including figures
Page SizeA4 - 210mm - 297mm
Margins2.54cm all sides
FontTimes New Roman
Line spacing1.15 for whole document
TitleBold, centred, font size 12
Author(s) Full Name, Affiliation, Email AddressItalics, centred, font size 10
Main Textfont size 12, justified left - no indents
Sub-headingsUse only one sub-heading level, formatted bold
ReferencesFont size 10, listed in alphabetical order using a commonly accepted format

JPEG or PNG, and figures are not to be included in the text and are to be uploaded each as separate files

File name for figures/images as - Fig_1_LastName_FirstName, Fig_2_LastName_FirstName

File sizenot limited

Abstracts will only be accepted via an upload link which will be forwarded to your email as per the instructions-

How to Submit an Abstract

  • Complete the submission form to request a link to upload your abstract
  • You will receive an email acknowledgment of your request
  • An email with an upload link will be sent to your email address advised on the form within 2 days of EGRU receiving your request.
  • One email address only
  • Follow the link to upload a word file and figures/images (No ZIP files - each submission has its own folder).
  • Images MUST be uploaded separately and your abstract and figures/images should be named as per the formatting instructions (no dates or abstract title)
  • Keep the email with the link secure, as you can access the folder to edit your submission up to the closing date for abstract submissions.

If you any issues uploading please contact jan.huizenga@jcu.edu.au