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Prof. Paul DirksStructural geology, geodynamics and the tectonic history of cratonic terrains and adjacent mobile belts, and associated mineralisation patterns
A/Prof Carl SpandlerUsing petrology and geochemistry, including microanalysis of minerals for trace elements and isotopes, to understand the evolution of the Earth's crust and mantle, and the formation of metalliferous ore deposits
A/Prof Eric RobertsClastic sedimentology, sedimentary provenance, core logging, stratigraphy, U-Pb zircon geochronolgy, petroleum geology palaeontology, regional correlation
Dr James DaniellOceanography, geomorphology, sedimentology, geophysics, remote sensing and GIS
Dr Jan Marten HuizengaFluid-rock interaction processes in the lower crust and in hydrothermal mineralised systems, and thermodynamic modelling of carbon-oxygen-hydrogen systems
Dr Ioan SanislavStructural geology and tectonics with a focus on field geology, structural controls on mineralised systems and the tectonic evolution of Proterozoic and Archean terranes
Dr Yanbo ChengEconomic geology, with a focus on tin and tungsten mineralisation, petrogenesis of granitic rocks, fertility of ore-related igneous rocks and genesis of "Critical Metal" ores
Dr Espen KnutsenVertebrate palaeontology, diversity evolution and ecology of Mesozoic vertbrates
Dr Huiqing (Jeff) HuangGeochemistry and igneous petrology, supervision of geochemical/mineralogical processing laboratories and providing specialised technical support for staff and postgraduate students