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Australia Awards Fellowships aims to develop leadership, address priority regional development issues and build partnerships and links between Australian organisations and their partner organisations in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. While the Australia Awards Fellowships programs does not lead to academic qualifications, it  provides short term opportunities for study, research, professional development programs in Australia, delivered by Australian organisations, to nominated fellows from eligible countries.  Details about scholarship inclusions and eligible countries can be accessed at

Course coordinator: Mrs Tichava Batiya

Course Objectives

James Cook University is offering a 6 weeks short course in Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing applied to the mining and environmental management sectors in Africa. The Short Course is delivered as an intensive mode over a 6 week period, while covering modules usually offered over 13 week period. The Course will be offered from 09 November 2015 to 18 December 2015.

The course facilitates participants to design and execute spatial analysis in both vector and raster GIS, conduct field mapping, error management and effective communications in GIS. Participants will learn to apply remote sensing processing techniques relevant to mineral exploration, geological mapping and environmental monitoring of mine sites and will be encouraged to use case studies relevant to their work place.

Participants will be exposed to exciting new techniques and ways to explore and fully utilize geo-specific datasets. The course will be bundled into a comprehensive and strategically planned six week period which will include a combination of face-to-face lectures, group discussions and a trip to a the local mine site. Throughout the six week course, time will also be allocated for self-study, practical work, assessment and other activities such as symposia and conferences hosted by EGRU.

Course Details

Module Name



1. Orientation Program( Introduction to Academic Language and Learning)

9th-13 November 2015

James Cook University, Townsville

2. Advanced Remote Sensing: Web-based learning and tutorials

16th -20th November

James Cook University, Townsville

3.Advanced Remote Sensing: face-to-face lectures and practicals

22th-27 November

James Cook University, Cairns

4.Advanced Geographic Information System: Web-based learning and tutorial

30thNovember-4th December 2015

James Cook University, Townsville

5. Advanced Geographic Information:

face-to-face lectures and practicals

07th-18 December 2015

James Cook University, Townsville

Please contact Tichava Batiya for further information about Australia Awards Fellowships at James Cook University.

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