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2020 Geoscience Honours - Coursework Selection

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17 February 2020 - Carl Spandler/Maree Corkeron
20-24 January  2020 - Gavin Clarke / Paul Dirks
03-07 February 2020 - Jan Huizenga
23-27 March 2020 Geology of Australia - Bob Henderson - 20-24 April 2020  Field Trip - Ioan Sanislav
30 March - 03 April 2020 - James Daniell
Alternative Project - Minor Project, Literature Review or other appropriate internal or external subject (must be assessable)
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Transition Metal and Metal Isotopes Used in Mineral Exploration

Prof. Ryan Mathur, Juniata College, Pennsylvania, USA

This half -day short course will review the current understandings of how metal isotope ratios in waters, soils and rocks can be used to identify buried ore targets.  Isotopic analyses have also revealed interesting processes related to ore genesis.