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Geologists Focus on Tablelands Tin History

  • Published in The Tablelander 02 July 2019

Sn-W-Critical Metals & Associated Magmatic Systems Conference Field Trip


Rare earth mineral discovery set to make Australia a major player in electric vehicle supply chain

  • Teimoor Nazari-Dehkordi  and Assoc.Prof.Carl Spandler

A rare earth enigma is solved

  • Teimoor Nazari-Dehkordi  and Assoc.Prof.Carl Spandler
  • Interview 

New insights unearthed with newly-discovered armoured dinosaur

  • Jella Wiersma

Ancient volcanoes provide clues to find vital metals

  • Dr Yanbo Cheng, Asoc. Prof. Carl Spandler


JCU team says hominid lived alongside modern humans

  • Prof. Paul Dirks, Assoc. Prof Eric Roberts

High-tech deepsea drillship visits Townsville

  • Dr James Daniell

JCU scientists help find new species of dinosaur

  • Assoc. Prof. Eric Roberts, Dr's Cassy Mtelela and Hannah Hilbert-Wolf, Leigh Lawrence and Theresa Orr

Australia’s Jurassic mysteries to be unearthed

  • Assoc.Prof. Carl Spandler, Assoc Prof. Eric Roberts