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EGRU Geoscience Seminar Series  2017

James Cook University
Townsville Campus
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Metallogeny and Exploration in north-east Queensland

Speaker Program

7 - 8 December 2017

James Cook University Townsville

Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ), EGRU (Economic Geology Research Centre, James Cook University), Terra Search and Klondike Exploration Services invite you to a scientific seminar on 7 December 2017, followed by an exploration round-up on 8 December 2017.

The seminar (7 December) will present results of the 4-year collaborative research project on Intrusion-related hydrothermal mineral systems of north-east Queensland, funded by GSQ. Presentations will cover regional metallogenic summaries of Au and Sn-W mineral systems, magma fertility indicators, a new geological map of the Ravenswood Batholith, geochemical and geophysical signatures of gold deposits and camps, and deposit to camp-scale studies (including Mt Carlton, Chillagoe, Mt Carbine, Watershed and Wolfram Camp).

The exploration round-up (8 December) will include industry presentations from exploration and mining companies operating in north-east Queensland, poster and rock sample displays, focusing on exploration strategies and methods. It will provide an opportunity for informal discussions between local explorers, researchers and industry consultants.

Attendance of the seminar (7 December) is free and the registration fee for the exploration round-up is $40.00.


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07 December

Central Lecture Theatre (005)

08 December

Endeavor Room, University Halls

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04 December 2017

Geological Society of Australia


North Queensland - a patchwork of terranes pointing to a diverse history

Dr Laurie Hutton
Geological Survey of QLD


The North Queensland Club
146 Denham St, Townsville

Complimentary catering from 5.30 pm

Drinks at cash bar

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North Queensland comprises a patchwork of Proterozoic and Palaeozoic terranes which have complex interactions. Deep seismic lines across the region give us clues as to some of the relationships between units. These relationships and their implications will be discussed.

During the Palaeozoic, several granitoid phases intrude the basement terranes. The tectonic setting of these granites will be discussed. The setting of the granitoid emplacement will be discussed in the light of continental structures determined from geodynamics determined from the Carboniferous to Permian sedimentary record. This gives us a different insight into the Palaeozoic evolution. Several models proposed by researchers will be discussed.

While not deeply discussed in the talk, brief mention will be made of the ages of mineralisation and how these may also add to the geological history of North Queensland.

17 November

Fun with fluids

Jan Huizenga
Senior Lecturer

12 noon


10 November

Trials and tribulations of TIMS geochronology at MIT

Tegan Beveridge
PhD Candidate

12 noon


03 November

Trace element analysis in fluid inclusions using LA-ICP-MS

Dr. Zhihui Dai
State Key Laboratory of Ore Deposits Geochemistry (SKLODG), China

Visiting Scholar

12 noon


Dr. Zhihui Dai was awarded a doctoral degree in Geochemistry from Guiyang Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in mid-2012. Since then, she has been at the institute at State Key Laboratory of Ore Deposit Geochemistry (SKLODG). Her work focuses on the development of micro-analytical techniques for trace element analyses on minerals and rocks using LA-ICP-MS. The laboratory she manages currently houses two LA-ICP-MS for trace-element analysis on silicates, carbonates, oxides, phosphate minerals and fluid inclusions. The laboratory is expanding to include a brand new LA-ICP-MS and LA-MC-ICP-MS later this year. She is visiting James Cook University to collaborate with Dr. Huiqing Huang and to explore new approaches for data reduction and interpretation of U-Pb and trace element analyses, some of which we have set up in our LA-ICP-MS laboratory at JCU.

27 October

Tracing Jurassic-Cretaceous volcanism offshore eastern Australia and evidence of pre-Cenozoic Australian crust in Port Moresby:  Insights from detrital zircons from Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Plateau

Kelly Heilbronn
PhD Candidate

12 noon


20 October

HREE mineralisation in the Tanamai Region

Teimoor Nazari Dehkordi
PhD Candidate

12 noon


06 October

Honours 2017 Exit Seminars

9.30 - 11.00

034 -127

05 October

NCGRT/IAH Distinguished Lecturer Series

Climate change and Australian Groundwater: Current state of knowledge and future responses

Dr Glen Walker


JCU Townsville - Education Central (Building 134)

Dr. Glen Walker has conducted groundwater and salinity research for over 30 years with CSIRO in Adelaide. He is a recipient of WE Woods Award for National Excellence in Salinity Research and is a member of the Independent Scientific Expert Committee for Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development. As Glen couldn’t travel to Townsville this year, we have a live video link to his presentation in Adelaide.

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29 September

The art of palynostratigraphic correlation

Chris Todd
PhD Candidate

12 noon


22 September

Dodos in Mauritius

Jelle Wiersma 
PhD Candidater

12 noon


15 September

Guest Speaker:

My Past (glacial) and present (tropical) life a s hydrogeologist

Angela Bush
Senior Hydrogeologist 
AGE Pty Ltd



Angela Bush is a highly qualified Hydrogeologist with nine years’ experience across several sectors including consulting, research, and education. She specialises in integrated groundwater assessments, contaminant investigations, and geochemical analyses, with detailed knowledge of groundwater systems in various settings, including metalliferous and coal mines, unconventional gas, and agriculture. Angela has recently joined the Australasian Groundwater and Environmental Consultants Pty Ltd (AGE) and heads up the North Queensland office in Townsville.


08 September

The truth about subduction

Carl Spandler 
Associate Professor

12 noon


01 September

Cu Isotopes

Yue Wang

12 noon


25 August 2017


James Daniell

12 noon


18 August 2017

East or west, what's the best? A Cloncurry story

Chris Yule
PhD candidate

12 noon


11 August 2017

Gold-related reflectance spectra at Geita Hill

Matthew van Ryt
PhD candidate

12 noon


Annual General Meeting

04 August 2017

11 am


Please join the EGRU Advisory Board for the Annual General Meeting followed by lunch, and the EGRU Seminars Series which will be research presentations by post-graduate students.


Research Presentations:

1 - 3 pm


Geochronology and genesis of the Wolfram Camp, QLD, Australia

Kairn Liu
PhD candidate

Sonne Cruise 256: Thermal and circulation history of the east Australian current

Michal Wenderlich
PhD candidate

The many phases of the Gifford Creek carbonatite sequence, Western Australia

Paul Slezak
PhD candidate

Genesis of the Red Dome breccia, Chillagoe Far Nth QLD

Peter Illig
PhD candidate

12 May 2017

Clandestine influence of precipitation and precipitation variability on rates of erosion

Ashish Mishra
PhD candidate

12 noon


05 May 2017

The beginning of life...

Ioan Sanislav
Lecturer, Geosciences

12 noon


28 April 2017

SEG Student Chapter - Young Professionals Presentation

Geology of the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit

Jesse Clark
BHP Billiton

1.00 pm


21 April 2017

Late Jurassic-Cretaceous fluvial evolution of Central Africa: Detrital zircon insights from the Congo Basin, Democratic Republic of Congo

Prince Owusu Agyemang
PHD Candidate

12 Noon


07 April

More adventures in the Cryogenian

Maree Corkeron
Adjunct Researcher

James Cook University

12 Noon


31 March

Illuminating apatite: Using cathodoluminescence to reveal the "hidden" petrography of luminescent minerals

Paul Slezak
PhD Candidate

James Cook University

12 Noon


24 March

Preliminary results of Sn-W prospectivity in NE QLD

Arianne Ford
Post Doctoral Researcher

James Cook University

12 Noon


17 March

Climbing volcanoes in Chile with Pisco

Paul Dirks
Professor, College of Science and Engineering

12 noon



Ni and Fe metal processing

Michael Nugent
Minara Resources
Engineer, Operations Support and Technical Services
Murrin Murrin Nickel Cobalt Operations, Western Australia

12 Noon


07 March 2017

15 years of discovery: Cretaceous dinosaurs, crocodiles, mammals and other vertebrates from central Africa.

Prof. Patrick O'Connor
Ohio University

Cenozoic faunal dynamics on continental Africa: A view from the Rukwa Rift Basin of Tanzania

Prof. Nancy Stevens
Ohio University

12 noon