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August 2017 - issue includes:

- Mineralisation of north east Qld

Conferences and Field trips
- FUTORES II Field Trips
- SEG Field Trip to Fiji

Short Courses and Workshops
- Masters and 3rd Year Field Training
- JCU-CUGB Fluid Inclusion Workshop
- Professional Development Training for Earth Science Teachers

- People
- 2016 Annual Report
- 2018 Professional Development Training


March 2017 - Issue includes:

- Australian Rare Earth Element Deposits
- A Tool for Exploration: Detrital Zircon Geochronology 
- Confocal Raman Microscopy

Courses and Field Trips
- Professional Development Training
- SEG Student Chapter @ JCU

- Students and Visitors 
- New Drill Core Facility QLD

EGRU Services
- Professional Development Training courses 2017
- Analytical Facilities and Capacities

EGRU Newsletter August 2016

August 2016 - Issue includes:

- Progress Reports - Prospectivity of Intrusion-Related Hydrothermal Systems in NE QLD

- Drill Core, Structure & Digital Technologies Short Course
- EA2510 in the Field

Courses and Conferences
- FUTORES II Conference
- IOCG and Other Mineral Systems in the World-Class Cloncurry District

- Andy White Retires from teaching Minerals Geoscience Masters Course
- New Students and Staff

2015 EGRU Annual Report


EGRU news issue Jan 2016

January 2016 - Issue includes:

- Geita Gold Project, Tanzania
- Titanite as a Recorder of Timing and Fluid Source of Ore Formation
- New hominid Species in the Rising Star Cave System, Sth Africa
- Lead Isotope Mapping in Eastern Australia
- The Giant Antamina Deposit, Peru

Teaching and Training
- 3D Visualisation and Gigapixel Photography at JCU
- Mineral Supertrumps: a Mineralogy Card Game

- Doug Kirwin - 2015 JCU Outstanding Alumnus
- The Kirwin Collection at the Royal Ontario Museum
- New Students
- EGRU Visitors


EGRU News issue  July 2015

July 2015 - Issue includes:

- Progress Reports - Prospectivity of Intrusion-Related Hydrothermal Systems in NE Qld

Short Courses and Workshops
- Ore Textures & Breccias in Mineralised Systems
- Cloncurry IOCG Short Course
- Advanced Field Training

- Staff & Student Updates
- EGRU Visitors

2014 EGRU Annual Report

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