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Geochemical, Isotopic and Geochronological Database

The objective was to compile a geochemical, isotopic and geochronological database from JCU theses submitted over the last 30 years where the specific region of research was within QLD. The thesis data is defined into data groups of whole rock, rock chip, drill holes, auger, beach sediment, channel sample, drainage sediment, electron microprobe, heavy mineral, mineral, soil stream sediments, termite mound, vegetation, and water sample.  Each data group contains references to the thesis author, region and sample number. Other references include, but are not limited to, drill hole depth, data type, mine or prospect, current tenure, QDEX report number, lithology, geochemistry.

NE Queensland Magma Fertility: Cu-Au, Sn-W

NE Qld

NW Queensland Magma Fertility

NW Qld Minerals Province

Rare Earths Project


Geita Gold Project


Adamantine Energy & Heritage Oil Project


Conglomerate Hosted Gold

Western Australia

Tick Hill Gold Deposit

NW Qld Minerals Province

Jurassic Arc? Reconstructing the Lost World of Eastern Australia

Eastern Australia

Porphyry Cu-Au deposits

Philippines, South America

Formation of Graphite Deposits in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Identifying Hydrothermal Fluids in the Cloncurry district

NW Qld Minerals Province

Thermodynamic Modelling of Fluids in Hydrothermal Systems


The Role of Fluids in the Lower Crust


Seismic Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems of the Mentelle Basin,
Southwest Western Australia

Western Australia

Establishing a Tectonic Framework for the Cretaceous break-up of
Eastern Gondwana

SW Pacific

Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Basin Analysis of Queensland's
Jurassic to Cretaceous Basins


Jurassic-Cretaceous Tectonics, Paleogeography and Landscape Evolution,
Central Africa


Dating Hominin Fossils in the East African Rift, Malawi


Seismic Stratigraphy of the Great Barrier Reef


Earthquake Hazard Mapping and Modelling to Support
Queensland Rail's Infrastructure


Rates of Erosion and Weathering in the Tropics


Groundwater – Ocean Interconnection


Sedimentary and Magmatic history of the Rukwa Rift Basin


Geochronology of Mineralisation Processes

Various locations…

Geology of the Tommy Creek Block, Mount Isa Inlier

NW Queensland