EGRU Research Projects NE Queensland Magma Fertility: Cu-Au, Sn-W

NE Queensland Magma Fertility: Cu-Au, Sn-W

Characterising Permo-Carboniferous Magma Related Hydrothermal Systems of North East Queensland

A 4-year collaborative research project (2014-2017) on Intrusion-related hydrothermal mineral systems of north-east Queensland, funded by Geological Survey of QLD. The following are the presentations by James Cook University staff and post-graduate students, the Geological Survey of QLD, Terra Search, Klondike Exploration Services and other interested North Qld mining companies which were presented at various events over the duration of the project.

May 2015 - Intrusion Related Mineral Systems and Exploration in NE QLD

  1. Seminar Schedule and Welcome
  2. Intrusion-related minerals systems of NE QLD - 3 year collaborative project
  3. Magma-fertility: Concepts and JCU research in Nth QLD
  4. Magma fertility related to Sn-W mineralisation tn the Herberton District
  5. Preliminary results on magma fertility related to Au-Cu mineralisation in Nth QLD
  6. Geology of the Mt Carlton high-sulphidation deposit
  7. Some preliminary thoughts on the structure of the Mt Carlton Cu-Au deposit
  8. Metallogeny of the Northern Bowen Basin
  9. Geological characteristics and origin of the Watershed tungsten deposit, Nth QLD
  10. Mt Carbine W deposit and regional W-Sn mineralisation in the Herberton-Watershed district
  11. Comprehensive prospectivity analysis; Regional alteration mapping using remote sensing methods; Geochemical signatures of intrusion related mineral systems

August 2016 - Digging Deeper

Interim results from the 3 year Department of Natural Resources & Mines/Geological Survey of Queensland project, presented by JCU research staff and post graduate students at Digging Deeper, Brisbane, August 2016.

  1. Geology of Sn-W-Mo and Au-Cu-Ag deposits in northeast Queensland: Insights from latest JCU Research
  2. Hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation at the Mt Carlton high-sulphidation Au-Ag epithermal deposit
  3. Metallogeny of the Northern Bowen Basin: The Mt Carlton District
  4. The Watershed Scheelite Deposit, Far North Queensland
  5. Geology and mineralisation of the Mt Carbine W deposit
  6. Sn-W deposits in north-east Queensland
  7. Magma fertility indicators for intrusion-related mineral systems in north-east Queensland
  8. Cu-AU fertility of arc volcanic suites: A case study from the northern Bowen Basin, Queensland
  9. Automated prospectivity analysis for intrusion related mineral systems in the Charters Towers-Ravenswood region

June 2017 - FUTORES II

  1. The Watershed scheelite skarn deposit, Far Nth QLD
  2. The structure of the Mt Carlton Cu-Au deposit
  3. Fit for purpose: A case study on the use of open file data vs. closed file data for GIS-based prospectivity analysis

December 2017- Metallogeny and Exploration in NE QLD

Presentations cover regional metallogenic summaries of Au and Sn-W mineral systems, magma fertility indicators, a new geological map of the Ravenswood Batholith, geochemical and geophysical signatures of gold deposits and camps, and deposit to camp-scale studies (including Mt Carlton, Chillagoe, Mt Carbine, Watershed and Wolfram Camp).


  1. Intrusion-related mineral systems of north-east Queensland - GSQ funded collaborative research project (2014-2017)
  2. Mt Carlton high-sulphidation epithermal deposit, NE QLD: Geology, genesis and implications for exploration
  3. Age and geodynamic setting of epithermal, mesothermal and porphyry mineralisation in the northern New England Orogen, NE QLD
  4. Intrusion-related gold deposits in Nth QLD
  5. Updated geology and metallogeny Charters Towers
  6. Metallogeny of Georgetown Region
  7. Distinct mid-Carboniferous and mid-Permian gold systems of Cape York
  8. Update on Chillagoe Mining District Research: December 07, 2017
  9. The Watershed scheelite skarn deposit, Far Nth QLD
  10. Geology and mineralisation of the Mt Carbine W deposit, northern QLD
  11. The geology and genesis of the Wolfram Camp W-Mo deposit, Nth QLD
  12. Sn-W deposits in NE QLD
  13. Igneous Geochemistry controls on magmatic-hydrothermal metallogeny
  14. Volcanic-plutonic connections and metal fertility of highly evolved magma systems
  15. Magma fertility related to AU-Cu deposits in the northern Bowen Basin
  16. Fertility assessment for Au-Cu of Pennsylvanian-early Permian volcanic rocks of the Townsville Bowen region NE QLD
  17. Using geophysics and geochemistry in exploration in Nth QLD
  18. Geochemistry in Exploration
  19. Interpretation of multi-element geochemistry
  20. Georgetown quartz textures
  21. Positioned for growth
  22. Setting and origin of the Kidston breccia-hosted gold deposit
  23. Capsize porphyry prospect NE QLD: geology, geochronology and geochemistry of a porphyry associated lithocap
  24. Synchronous Carboniferous orogenic and intrusion-related gold mineral systems in NE QLDUsing geophysics and geochemistry in exploration in Nth QLD